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Ponderosa Lemon Tree

Ponderosa Lemon Tree

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Origin / General

  • The Ponderosa Lemon is a citrus hybrid composed of a Pomelo and a Citron
  • The Ponderosa Lemon Tree is considered a dwarf tree
  • Derived from a chance seedling grown in Hagerstown, Maryland in the 1880s, later named and brought into the nursery trade in 1900
  • Became a popularly fruit grown in Polish homes during this time
  • Bushy, evergreen leaves grow from lean branches that bear large, grapefruit sized, pale green fruit with a thick, textured rind that can weigh up to 5 lbs.


  • Needs partial to full light, and more daily light intake if being grown indoors
  • Will likely need to move tree inside if and when its environmental climate drops below the mid-50s


  • Water just enough to keep soil moist, avoid keeping roots soaked
  • Suggested to bottom water if keeping indoors due to the tree’s favor for humid environments


  • Does well in almost any type of soil  
  • Suggested to fertilize soil 2-3 times a year using a citrus liquid fertilizer


  • Advised to keep roots and fruit away from dogs as they contain certain essential oils that are toxic to them

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