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Areca Palm | Dypsis Lutescens

Areca Palm | Dypsis Lutescens

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The Areca Palm Plant is a species of flowering plant in the family Arecaceae.  It is native to Madagascar, naturalized in South America, southern Florida and the Caribbean. Long palm leaves ranging from green to yellow (depending on light exposure), with vertical, crown-shafted trunks that could have a gentle arch to them

Areca Palms in the eastern Madagascar area are endangered as of 2022 due to the loss of its natural habitat in open areas of hydric forests and along river banks.

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P L  A  N  T    C  A  R  E
Needs bright, indirect light
Water often enough to keep soil lightly moist in spring and summer, and allow soil to dry slightly between watering in the fall and winter
Prefers soil that is porous, loose and contains peat moss or sand for aeration, drainage, and support for this top-heavy plant
Plant is considered non-toxic

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