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Sprouted Coconut Palm Plant | Cocos Nucifera

Sprouted Coconut Palm Plant | Cocos Nucifera

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Coconut Palm Plant is an ancient plant that originated in India and Southeast Asia.  The plant shape can range from being oval to oblong  and has many layers of a protective shell, This plant loves warmth, sunlight and humidity. It can be difficult to replicate an indoor environment but not impossible with proper care and maintenance.


Coconut is approximately 6"-8"D x 6"-8"L x 3.5"H; Sprouting stem with leaves can be 2-3ft in height.

*All plants are sold in a nursery pot*
**Decorative pots are sold separately**.

***In-Store Pick Up Only***
P  L  A  N  T    C  A  R  E

Plant needs at least six hours of direct light per day
Situate plant in area that offers plentiful overhead light due to risk of plant collapse

Can be rooted in water and sustained with support of rocks, preferable for solely aesthetic purposes

When potted in soil, water thoroughly while allowing top half of soil to dry out in-between watering — this practice can be reduced slightly in the autumn and winter months depending on humidity in environment
Can retain a minimal amount of moisture, so be sure to avoid overwatering

Plant in a well-draining soil, ensuring that the bottom of the coconut is about ⅔ deep in the soil

Not strictly labeled a poison, but should be consumed with caution
Can be an allergen to those who apply

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