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Kumquat Tree | Citrus Japonica

Kumquat Tree | Citrus Japonica

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A Kumquat (Citrus japonica) is a flowering broadleaf fruit tree that produces a tart, orange fruit with a sweet rind. The kumquat plant is distinguished by its round leaves. Its fruit is popular both in raw form and in marmalades.

Origin / General

  • The Kumquat Tree is a small to medium-sized evergreen that produces orange, palm-sized, oval-shaped citrus fruit rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, and potassium
  • Its fruit is unique in that it can be eaten whole, rind and all
  • Blooms fragrant white flowers in the summer

*All plants are sold in a nursery pot*
**Decorative pots are sold separately**.

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  • This tree prefers to receive full light, brightest spot available if not


  • Keep soil moist but not consistently soaked
  • Water when top first layer of soil is dry


  • Make sure to plant this tree in a well-draining soil that  aids air circulation
  • Avoid piling mulch around the base of the tree


  • Non-toxic to pets (and humans, apart from those who are  allergic)

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