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Kara Bouquet

Kara Bouquet

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Our Garden Bouquets are so popular, we thought we would offer a slightly different version, this time more PINK! Enjoy this “Design’s Choice” Garden Bouquet anytime of the year.  Trust us to select the freshest, prettiest, and happiest blooms to design this bouquet. And we never disappoint.  Easy to ship nationwide and we are of course happy to deliver locally. 

*Bouquet as shown $145.00

Optional: Add Vase $13.50


Care instructions
Immediately upon receiving your arrangement, check the water level and add cool water to fill the container to the top. Display in a cool location, away from direct sunlight, and add water daily. As water becomes cloudy over time, you can refresh and extend the lifespan of your flowers by changing the water. Use cool water.

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