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La Joie de Vivre | The Joy of Living Puzzle

La Joie de Vivre | The Joy of Living Puzzle

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Enjoy La Joie de Vivre (The Joy of Living) custom wooden jigsaw puzzle designed by our very own Marie Danielle Vil-Young (Founder & Creative Director of AVS Events and Flowers), with special shapes to challenge and delight! Puzzle is designed with Premium Colorado Hardwood Maple, Vibrant colors of highest quality and Water resistant – spill proof

Puzzle will arrive in a luxurious black Chipboard Box.

82 pieces (Butterfly shapes) | 6.1” x 8.1” $84.00

163 pieces (Star shapes) | 8.1” x 10.8” $120.00

353 pieces (Star shapes) | 15.3” x 12.375” $175.00

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