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Grape Ivy | Cissus Alata

Grape Ivy | Cissus Alata

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The Grape Ivy plant is one of our favorite indoor houseplants that does well in a hanging basket. This plant is synonymous with the species Cissus rhombifolia and Rhoicissus rhombifolia. The Grape Ivy's foliage is glossy, green in color and divided into 3 broad, oval-shaped leaflets.

*All plants are sold in a nursery pot.
**Decorative pots are sold separately.

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P L  A  N  T    C  A  R  E
Favors indirect light to bright; in indirect, low light
conditions, new leaves will grow further apart on the vine and the plant will become what is referred to as ‘leggy"
Prefers consistently damp soil, allow top half of soil to dry out in-between watering
Can tolerate a neglect watering practice for some time
Loves a loose, nutrient-rich potting soil
Most pre-mixed soils will suffice, as long as there is plenty of organic matter to facilitate drainage
Non-toxic to animals and humans; may contain a sap like the Cissus rhombifolia that can cause a rash on human skin

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