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Délice Ensoleillé | Sunny Delight Puzzle

Délice Ensoleillé | Sunny Delight Puzzle

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Enjoy Délice Ensoleillé (Sunny Delight) wooden jigsaw puzzle designed by our very own Marie Danielle Vil-Young (Founder & Creative Director of AVS Events and Flowers).

Includes special shapes to challenge and delight! Our puzzle is designed with Premium Colorado Hardwood Maple. Vibrant colors of highest quality and water resistant – spill proof.

Puzzle will arrive in a luxurious black Chipboard Box.

82 pieces (Butterfly shapes) | 6.1” x 8.1” = $84.00

163 pieces (Star shapes) | 8.1” x 10.8” = $120.00

353 pieces (Star shapes) | 15.3” x 12.375” = $175.00

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