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Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | Ficus Lyrata

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | Ficus Lyrata

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The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree is native to western Africa, from Cameroon west to Sierra Leone, where it grows in lowland tropical forests. It's a popular indoor tree usually placed as a perfect focal point in a room.  It is possible that plant can grow at least 6ft and more.

This plant features large, heavily veined, violin-shaped leaves that grow upright on a sleek trunk that may grow multiple branches.

*All plants are sold in a nursery pot.
**Decorative pots are sold separately.

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P L  A  N  T    C  A  R  E
Ideally placed in bright, indirect light
Can gradually adjust to full, direct light if primarily domesticated inside.
Does not like to be continuously moved around, with dramatic changes in environment.  It can be sensitive to changes in conditions like light or temperature, which may cause the plant to drop its leaves.

Will do best in evenly and consistently moist conditions, but will not tolerate soggy soil or standing water
Allow about one inch of topsoil to dry out in-between watering
A well-draining potting soil that’s high in organic matter is preferred
About ⅔ peat-based soil to ⅓ perlite and plant will fare fine

Considered toxic to cats, dogs, other pets and potentially to humans

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