Private Courses & Coaching

In addition to our group courses and workshops, we offer private, one-on-one sessions for individuals who may want to learn at a different pace.  Perhaps your schedule does not allow you to attend our current classes and so private coaching may be a better option to help you achieve your goals.

Private courses and workshops are customized based on your needs. We cover but not limited to the following:

  • Floral design for all levels (Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced)
  • Fine Art of Floral Design 
  • Wedding and Event design | Tablescaping | Large-scale Designs | Installations
  • Wedding and Event Planning (Targeting the Luxury Market)
  • Pricing
  • Production
  • Entrepreneurship | Business Administration & Operation
  • Insight to transition into the wedding, event and floral industry
  • Marketing | Branding | Public Relations | Networking
  • Sourcing | Ordering


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